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Geothermal energy: you should worship the ground you walk on!

The beauty of geothermal

Solutions and savings are laying at your feet

Within the crust of the earth lies a limitless supply of energy to heat and cool our homes and businesses. Geothermal energy has literally been in use since the days of cavemen.


TLT Heating & Cooling brings this age-old method into the modern age with geothermal climate control systems!

Your estimate is always free, and the price we quote is the price you'll pay!  

  -   Require no fossil fuel

  -   Are endorsed by the EPA as

      safe and cost-effective

  -   Are quiet

  -   Do not use combustion

  -   Require no outdoor unit

Finally, energy can be "dirt" cheap! Geothermal heat pumps:

  -  Save 40-70% on energy bills

  -  May qualify for rebates

  -  Can heat some homes for

     less than $1 a day

  -  Transport heat, don't make it

  -  Cut your carbon footprint

Is your home or office a good candidate for geothermal energy? Give us a call.

Switching to geothermal energy is a sizeable up-front investment. TLT Heating & Cooling offers financing options.

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